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With drama and narrative verve, Kirsch explores the mysticism and magic that have informed a bookish faith. Cena: Autor przedstawia Dokument This compelling book shows the impact of the Holocaust on the children of survivors. Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story If she could find four perfect pebbles of almost exactly the same size and shape, it meant that Wprowadzenie do tematu. Ask Seller a Question. Dust Jacket Condition: Fair.

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In The Woman Who Laughed at God, bestselling author Jonathan Kirsch takes us on a lively and at times controversial journey through Jewish history that offers answers to the complex and difficult question: "Who is a Jew? For every accepted tradition in Jewish faith there are countertraditions with their roots going back to ancient times. Kirsch's illuminating work reveals that—even in ancient times—Judaism was never a single faith. Emblematic of the varieties of Jewish expression is the biblical tale of Sarah, the pious matriarch who laughed at God when He promised her a child in advanced old age.

The Torah itself confirms that Judaism has a place even for someone as lighthearted and irreverent as Sarah, and for the many other men and women whose stories are told in The Woman Who Laughed at God. We also encounter the Maccabee freedom fighters who closed the Bible and picked up a sword; dervishlike ecstatics who claimed to enjoy direct communication with God even after they had been excommunicated by a distrustful rabbinate; and courageous pioneers for whom a "kosher pig" was any pig fortunate enough to be raised in a kibbutz and slaughtered to feed hungry kibbutzniks.

With drama and narrative verve, Kirsch explores the mysticism and magic that have informed a bookish faith. Jews across the spectrum and anyone who loved Thomas Cahill's The Gifts of the Jews will be fascinated and inspired by this celebration of the Jewish faith, rich in untold stories and revelatory interpretations. In early incantations against Lilith, she travels on demon wings, a conventional mode of transportation for underworld residents. Dating from the seventh or eighth century B.

The tablet probably hung in the house of a pregnant woman and served as an amulet against Lilith, who was believed to be lurking at the door and figuratively blocking the light. To explain the high rate of infant mortality, for example, a demon goddess was held responsible. Lilith stories and amulets probably helped generations of people cope with their fear. Over time, people throughout the Near East became increasingly familiar with the myth of Lilith.

In the Bible, she is mentioned only once, in Isaiah In Chapter 34, a sword-wielding Yahweh seeks vengeance on the infidel Edomites , perennial outsiders and foes of the ancient Israelites. The evil Lilith is depicted on this ceramic bowl from Mesopotamia. The Aramaic incantation inscribed on the bowl was intended to protect a man named Quqai and his family from assorted demons.

Dating to about C. The Isaiah passage lacks specifics in describing Lilith, but it locates her in desolate places. Lilith, the feminine opposite of masculine order, is banished from fertile territory and exiled to barren wasteland. Lilith may also appear in a second Dead Sea Scroll. See the following article in this issue.

Centuries after the Dead Sea Scrolls were written, learned rabbis completed the Babylonian Talmud final editing circa to C. Talmudic references to Lilith are few, but they provide a glimpse of what intellectuals thought about her. Unwholesome sexual practices are linked to Lilith as she powerfully embodies the demon-lover myth. One talmudic reference claims that people should not sleep alone at night, lest Lilith slay them Shabbath b. During the year period between the death of Abel and the birth of Seth , the Talmud reports, a distraught Adam separates himself from Eve.

The female night demon is Lilith. About the time the Talmud was completed, people living in the Jewish colony of Nippur, Babylonia, also knew of Lilith. Her image has been unearthed on numerous ceramic bowls known as incantation bowls for the Aramaic spells inscribed on them. If the Talmud demonstrates what scholars thought about Lilith, the incantation bowls, dating from approximately C.

Your divorce and writ and letter of separation. Amen, Amen, Selah, Halleluyah! According to popular folklore, demons not only killed human infants, they would also produce depraved offspring by attaching themselves to human beings and copulating at night. Therefore, on this particular bowl a Jewish writ of divorce expels the demons from the home of Rashnoi. Until the seventh century C. In the Middle Ages, however, the Babylonian she-demon took on new and even more sinister characteristics.

The Alphabet , an anonymous text, contains 22 episodes, corresponding to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The fifth episode includes a Lilith who was to tantalize and terrify the population for generations to come. To some extent, The Alphabet of Ben Sira shows a familiar Lilith: She is destructive, she can fly and she has a penchant for sex. To learn more about Biblical women with slighted traditions, take a look at the Bible History Daily feature Scandalous Women in the Bible , which includes articles on Mary Magdalene and Jezebel.

Invoking the name of God, Ben Sira inscribes an amulet with the names of three healing angels. Then he relates a story of how these angels travel around the world to subdue evil spirits, such as Lilith, who cause illness and death. Ben Sira cites the Bible passage indicating that after creating Adam, God realizes that it is not good for man to be alone Genesis Soon the human couple begins to fight, but neither one really hears the other.

Lilith refuses to lie underneath Adam during sex, but he insists that the bottom is her rightful place. He apparently believes that Lilith should submissively perform wifely duties. Lilith, on the other hand, is attempting to rule over no one. She is simply asserting her personal freedom. Since Lilith and Adam are formed of the same substance, they are alike in importance. Eve, meet Lilith. In Genesis , God creates man and woman simultaneously from the earth. In Jewish legend, the name Lilith was attached to the woman who was created at the same time as Adam.

During the days of the Jerusalem Temple, only the High Priest said the word out loud, and then only once a year, on the Day of Atonement. In The Alphabet , Lilith sins by impudently uttering the sacred syllables, thereby demonstrating to a medieval audience her unworthiness to reside in Paradise. Though made of the earth, she is not earthbound. In the Gilgamesh and Isaiah episodes, Lilith flees to desert spaces. Just as the ancient Israelites achieve freedom from Pharaoh at the Red Sea, so Lilith gains independence from Adam by going there.

But even though Lilith is the one who leaves, it is she who feels rejected and angry. The Almighty tells Adam that if Lilith fails to return, of her children must die each day. Apparently, Lilith is not only a child-murdering witch but also an amazingly fertile mother. Three angels are sent in search of Lilith. When they find her at the Red Sea, she refuses to return to Eden, claiming that she was created to devour children. The image of Lilith appears at center.

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  • The small circles that outline her body represent a chain. The divine name is written in code called atbash down her chest. The letters yhwh appear instead as mzpz. According to the apocryphal Alphabet of Ben Sira , Lilith herself promised she would harm no child who wore an amulet bearing her name. Image: Israel Museum, Jerusalem. To prevent the three angels from drowning her in the Red Sea, Lilith swears in the name of God that she will not harm any infant who wears an amulet bearing her name.

    Ironically, by forging an agreement with God and the angels, Lilith demonstrates that she is not totally separated from the divine. Their conflict is one of patriarchal authority versus matriarchal desire for emancipation, and the warring couple cannot reconcile. They represent the archetypal battle of the sexes. Neither attempts to solve their dispute or to reach some kind of compromise where they take turns being on top literally and figuratively.

    In the end, they both lose.

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    What compelled the author to theorize that Adam had a mate before Eve? In Genesis 2, however, man is created first, followed by plants, then animals and finally woman. God presents woman to Adam, who approves of her and names her Eve. One traditional interpretation of this second Creation story which scholars identify as the older of the two accounts is that woman is made to please man and is subordinate to him. Considering every word of the Bible to be accurate and sacred, commentators needed a midrash or story to explain the disparity in the Creation narratives of Genesis 1 and 2.

    The Bible names the second woman Eve; Lilith was identified as the first in order to complete the story. It may have served as lewd entertainment for rabbinic students and the public, but it was largely unacknowledged by serious scholars of the time. For this reason, of all the Lilith myths, her portrayal in The Alphabet of Ben Sira is today the most trumpeted, despite the distinct possibility that its author was spoofing sacred texts all along.

    Indeed, the book is rife with dirty jokes, praise for hypocrites and biting sarcasm. Image: Courtesy of Allison Merriweather. Centuries later the Zohar elaborates that the male and female were soon separated. Another passage indicates that as soon as Eve is created and Lilith sees her rival clinging to Adam, Lilith flies away.

    The passage goes on to say that she hovers over her unsuspecting victims, inspires their lust, conceives their children and then infects them with disease. The promiscuity of Lilith will continue until the day God destroys all evil spirits. Lilith even attempts to seduce King Solomon. She comes in the guise of the Queen of Sheba , but when the Israelite king spies her hairy legs, he realizes she is a beastly impostor. At several points, the Zohar breaks away from the traditional presentation of the divine personality as exclusively male and discusses a female side to God, called the Shekhinah.

    In the Zohar , the lust that Lilith instills in men sends the Shekhinah into exile. He is associated with Satan , the serpent and the leader of fallen angels.

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    Lilith and Samael form an unholy alliance Zohar 23b, 55a and embody the dark, negative sphere of the depraved. In one of the many stories of Samael and Lilith, God is concerned that the couple will produce a huge demonic brood and overwhelm the earth with evil. Samael is therefore castrated, and Lilith satisfies her passions by dallying with other men and causing their nocturnal emissions, which she then uses to become pregnant.

    A scheming and spiteful Lilith convinces her former lover, the snake, to loan her a reptilian shape. Disguised as a snake Lilith returns to Eden, convinces Eve and Adam to sin by eating the forbidden fruit, and causes God great sorrow. In the s C. As the daughter of Lilith, the White Witch is determined to kill the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve.

    She imposes a perpetual freeze on Narnia so that it is always winter but never Christmas. In an apocalyptic tale of good overcoming evil, Aslan—creator and king of Narnia—kills the White Witch and ends her cruel reign. Today the tradition of Lilith has enjoyed a resurgence, due mainly to the feminist movement of the late 20th century.

    Woman Who Laughed At God The Untold History Of The Jewish People - Semantic Scholar

    Renewed interest in Lilith has led modern writers to invent ever more stories. A feminist parable by Judith Plaskow Goldenberg typifies the new view of Lilith. Adam does everything he can to keep her out, inventing wildly untrue stories about how Lilith threatens pregnant women and newborns. One day Eve sees Lilith on the other side of the garden wall and realizes that Lilith is a woman like herself. The female misfit flees the scene and tries to satisfy her maternal instincts by approaching women in childbirth and newborn babies, to their detriment, of course. When the Lord refuses, she is hurt, angry and left with few options, except to travel the world alone.

    As we grow and change with the millennia, Lilith survives because she is the archetype for the changing role of woman. The article was first republished in Bible History Daily in September But see David R. Press, , p. James Joyce, Ulysses , chap. All Gilgamesh quotations are from Samuel N.

    Translated by Theodor H. Lilith, lylyt [tylyl], was not derived from the Hebrew word for night, lylh [hlyl], as they supposed.

    See Joseph M. All talmudic references are to The Babylonian Talmud , trans. Isidore Epstein, 17 vols. London: Soncino, Raphael Patai, The Hebrew Goddess , 3rd enlarged ed. Detroit: Wayne State, , p. The translation is my own. Eisenstein, , vol. All references to the Zohar are to the edition translated by Harry Sperling and Maurice Simon, 2nd ed. London: Soncino, , vol. David Stern and Mark Jay Mirsky, eds. Though she has been mentioned on this blog […].

    It is simple to explain the truth of Adam and Eve. First, to state that sin entered the garden for man before Genesis 3 is absurd. Second, to think that Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 are two different events is also absurd. When God created, it was perfect — period. He would not have looked on it and said so had there been this theorized event taking place. It is far easier to believe that Genesis 2 is a further explanation of Genesis 1. It is a more indepth look at the same event. Adam naming all of the creatures with a perfect, sinless mind, would have taken him a short amount of time, leaving plenty of time in the same day for God to take Adam and, from his rib, make Eve — all before the close of the 6th day.

    Were Adam and Eve created on the same day? Thus Adam had no first wife and the lilith is simply what it is called — a screech owl. To state he had a first wife is not a tale, it is blasphemous. Some, who were not there, find it better to define what really happened in the first days, rather than accept by faith what God, who was there, has already said. So, anyone could make the argument that your story is made up and the known Bible is true. Traceable facts must be included, otherwise your pushing a theory without evidence. And that is actually an idea, not a fact. What I see and read is most..

    Lilith seduce adams mens.. You will not be able to base anything on Lilith using Scripture. Isaiah The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; the screech owl also shall rest there, and find for herself a place of rest. The verse analogy clearly refers to animals as indeed, the entire chapter does.

    Ha Shem has forged us equals, you and I. Lilith is a fictitious character. Mary the mother of Jesus is a real person from antiquity. Therefore, the two cannot really be compared. Mary actually existed; lived a real life, and died a real death. Lilith on the other hand, only ever existed in the imaginations of mankind. Lilith appears in Isaiah among a list of nocturnal creatures who will haunt the destroyed Kingdom of Edom.

    So, perhaps not an ideal choice as the subject for your project. I would need quite a few in order to be able to do this. Please help! Look, I was raise on the Bible. I never heard of Lilith. Wonderful article. I am researching Lilith presently and have researched what may be several of her other incarnations throughout the ancient world. Curious if you have considered or written about connections between Lilith and Ereshkigal or other later, possibly early Arabic incarnations. If so I would love to hear about it. Seriously does it really matter at the end of the day.

    I think not. I still will go to sleep tonight and I will hopefully wake up to go to work. God bless. Those of Jungian disposition might argue that there needs to be? This may be a poorly conceptualized and prelimary construct, would you think? Alot of information for someone all religions cover up, gotta keep the masses controlled right. I have heard this name and her story, but the Mormon religion I was brought up in, dose not speak or give.

    I had been reading other articles about Lilith online, and I was totally overwhelmed and confused by the mishmash. After reading your article, I finally had a clear idea of her evolution and significance. Female spiders preying on their mates, was this spoken of in ancient scriptures that you know of? Appreciate if you could help. It was Great,, to know this hidden secret,, I was having a doubt about ,twice creation about human kind,, but I got Cleared.. Thank you for the Great research.. God bless you.. This is the part of the phrase that got me:UT is the second phonic in the Solfegio Fibanicci 9 prime freqencies and is for quantum comunicatrion.

    Its frequancy is Hz at 6 cycles per second. Lilith ili was correct in Her dealings with Adam ada. Lilith knew that just lying under Adam made Her feel as if something was not right. So She went out in the garden to abserve the animals. The first ones She sees is a black female matoing with her male black widow spider and after mating the female spider killed and consumed the male. Lilith says to the female why did you do that?