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Laddas ned direkt. Skickas inom vardagar. Many people believe that the piety of the Pilgrims typified early American religion. However, by the s Catholics, Jews, and Africans had joined Native Americans, Puritans, and numerous other Protestants in the colonies.

New World Faiths: Religion in Colonial America

Jon Butler launches his narrative with a description of the state of religious affairs in both the Old and New Worlds. He explores the failure of John Winthrop's goal to achieve Puritan perfection, the controversy over Anne Hutchinson's tenacious faith, the evangelizing stamina of ex-slave and Methodist preacher Absalom Jones, and the spiritual resilience of the Catawba Indians. The tiny Plymouth Colony soon heard reports from England that were not good.

Religious Freedom in Colonial New England (APUSH)

But the king wouldn't let them. So between and , 20, Puritans sailed for New England.

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They wanted to practice their religion in peace. They wanted to build a holy community where people would live by the rules of the Bible.

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They expected their Massachusetts Bay Colony to be an example for all the world. One of the colony's governors, John Winthrop , explained: "We must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us. The Puritans were seeking freedom, but they didn't understand the idea of toleration.

Colonial history of the United States - Wikipedia

They had little tolerance or even respect for the Pequot Indians, who lived in nearby Connecticut and Rhode Island. They called them heathens. As more and more Puritan settlers moved into their land, the Pequots got angry and resisted. In war broke out, and the Puritans, helped by Mohican and Narraganset Indian allies, massacred Pequots in their fort, burning many alive.

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Ministers like the Reverend John Cotton preached that it was wrong to practice any religion other than Puritanism. Those who did would be helping the devil. They believed they followed the only true religion so everyone should be forced to worship as they did. But one Puritan minister named Roger Williams disagreed.